About us


“Kasturi was used in exotic perfumes for the Mughal Emperors long ago. The combination of the fragrance in the room and a menu of spicy dishes, creates an atmosphere of complete relaxation and satisfaction in the best tradition of an Indian Gourmet restaurant.”

Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s vibrant West End, Kasturi Indian Restaurant offers a haven for the connoisseur of gourmet Indian Food.

Ideal for special evening occasion, for pre-theatre or for sports celebrations. Tourists particularly welcome.

Elegant decor and friendly service will make your visit to Kasturi a culinary experience to remember.

“Every succulent chunk of prime fish had been perfectly marinated. The smoky flavour was truly amazing and the charred edges were a genuine treat for the tastebuds. With some hot tarka daal as a dipping sauce and a well-fired onion kulcha on the side, it was the perfect main course.” Tam Cowan, Daily Record

“I think what really made the Kasturi experience one to be repeated was the fact that whilst we hoovered our way through a fair amount of excellent food we did not feel in any way stuffed.” Fiona Kirk, foodepedia.co.uk